About Us

Underdog Union was born from my love of craft coffee and my advocacy for senior dogs. My favorite part of each day is waking up with a good cup of coffee and sitting with my dogs as they wait for belly rubs : )
Let me tell you a quick story:
It all started with adopting a senior Pitbull from Hope Animal Rescue. We named her Opal. Opal fully blossomed from a scared street dog to a silly, loving, snuggle bug. I found how rewarding it is to give a senior dog a second chance at life. Since then we have adopted three other senior dogs from Hope Animal Rescue, Tacky, Cobra, and Ethel Beavers.
Since I can't adopt them all, I thought of a way to help!
Welcome to Underdog Union Coffee Co. Where every bag of coffee counts!
Coffee is best to me when it's fresh, flavorful and made of high quality ingredients. When I created Underdog Union, I knew I wanted to work with my favorite coffee roasters ever, Joe Van Gogh.
Joe Van Gogh is a community driven coffee company based in Hillsborough, NC. They use sustainable, fuel efficient equipment, they are innovative, creative and are experts in the coffee roasting industry. 
 We came up with a great selection of coffee that gives hope and gives back. I enjoy it with my pups at home every morning, and know you will too! 

Thank you for supporting my small business and making an impact to help the dogs that need it the most.